possible clovis

  1. Broken Quartz Clovis Maybe?? Opinions appreciated

  2. Clovis?! Mammoth?!

    Hello, its been awhile since I've posted. I found these on Thursday the 18th, I've posted this on other artifact groups elsewhere, but I wanted to get more opinions. General consensus is I have found, Clovis (if its true thats 1 off my bucket list! :headbang:) , Mammoth Dentin ( I agree on...
  3. Clovis maybe, eyeballed while metal detecting.

    Eyeballed this while metal detecting I picked it up thinking it was some sharp glass then did a double take on seeing the chipped stone. One of my friends thinks its a possible Clovis , don't know that much about points myself. Any input is appreciated, thanks !