1. Korean War POW book Signed by author? Captives of Korea

    I have been able to find this book and author but can't find any examples of his signature. Do you think this book is signed by the author or is it just Bill White? Your help is always appreciated.
  2. German POW camp tour and FINDS (Part II)

    Hi again :) And we have here the second part of my german wartime POW prisoners camp TOUR and finds video. Enjoy ;)
  3. German POW camp tour and FINDS (Part I)

    Hi :) We made for you a -two short part- video where Im showing all the buildings and other interesting things in the german naci-era wartime POW prisoners camp + all I could find there :) I spent there a whole day. Its huge :) At first it was just about to test our GoPro 5, but I decited...