1. 🙋 WANTED WTB DetectorPro Headhunter Pulse With 8" Coil - Offering $600+

    I am looking for an excellent condition DetectorPro HH Pulse with 8" coil. Serious sellers only, offering $600+ depending on the condition of your detector. Thanks, Bill Laporte, CO.
  2. ❎ SOLD Whites Surfmater PI detector for sale

    I hate to do it, but I am clearing out my stable of detectors and gear. I have too many closet-queens and I would rather they go to someone who will use them. Up for sale is my Whites Surfmaster PI metal detector. This detector was adjusted for optimal performance by "Mr. Bill", who used to be...
  3. New Book! "Advanced Shallow Water Metal Detececting: Tips,Tricks & Methods"

    New Book! "Advanced Shallow Water Metal Detececting: Tips,Tricks & Methods" Advanced Shallow Water Metal Detecting: Tips, Tricks and Methods for the Shoreline Treasure Hunter Clive James Clynick is the author of 12 previous detecting “how-to” books and numerous articles. In this, his most...
  4. Best PI machine for Salt beach

    I'm thinking about buying a PI machine for hunting the wet sand and shallow water(up to chest deep) of a salt water beach. I'm wondering what the opinions of everyone here are as to what PI machine is best for this application. I currently use an Excal II for the beach and it's been great, but...