1. Long way from home. Canadian quarter (1936?) from same old house

    Got out Sunday with a new hunting buddy (longtime SoCal detectorist Leo, who just moved to Vegas) and introduced him to the hot, desert hunting of scarce Las Vegas finds. (scarce because Rayrayvegas got to them first!) :laughing7: He almost passed out by 10am due to the heat and only bringing 1...
  2. Finally, my first Indian Head, and its a rare 1909-S !!

    Finally, my first Indian Head, a rare 1909-S !! Should I clean it? Went out in the heat Saturday with RayRayVegas and hit some old lots we had picked over before. After over 3 hours of digging in hardpack :BangHead: and only 5 wheats between us, I suggested we head over to the house where I...