1. Gold Recovery

    The best method to recover gold or other precious metals from mining is by electrowinning on 3 dimensional cell . We are the manufacturers of the same . The system is very economical and easy to use requires no addition of chemicals . One recovery cartridge is capable to capture 4 to 6 Kg of...
  2. A great story and a chance to recover a wonderful civil war relic. Any thoughts?

    Hey guys and girls! My team(mom, dad, self lol) have been hitting our civil war bushwacker spot as often as we can. We've pulled lots of fired and dropped bullets, buttons and other relics. My dad took one of his bullets to work and was showing his crew. One guy struck up a conversation with him...
  3. ABM Bottle ?

    Hello out there I am new to this site and would like to start with a pic of some bottles I recovered in the river this past summer in Alderson W.V.