1. Daguerreotype Matt Frame - 1850s - How Can I Fix It? - Bending Brass? RESTORATION

    Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! Back in February, I was metal detecting on a hill in SOUTHEASTERN PA and stumbled upon a piece of bent up brass. I tossed it into the scrap pile and continued detecting. Two days ago, I found my box of scrap metal and decided to look through it. Im glad I did...
  2. Help with grapeshot canister shot using electrolysis

    Hi, I would appreciate any help with using electrolysis on different sizes of grape/canister shot. I tried today (first time with electrolysis). I’m looking for tips for what to use to contact the shot, my alligator clips slip since the shot is round. Thanks in advance. Wish everyone here the best.
  3. Tootsietoy cars

    These are the first ones I've restored but the process was simple. I used a small soda blaster to strip the old paint, tucked paper into the wheel wells to keep from painting the wheels, and spray paint. Now I need to find a few more colors for my other dug cars.
  4. To clean or not to clean, that is the question.

    I'm just curious how one determines what should or should not be cleaned, restored, or polished? I know certain items are worth more with a natural 'patina', which is just fancy for oxidation or rust if it's iron based. I also know that cleaning coins with chemicals or abrasives is a big NoNo...
  5. Relic Restorers wanted for TV.

    Hey guys, I am new here, in fact this is my first post so let me briefly introduce myself. My name is Myke Clarkson and I am a television producer (development executive) for a production company that is looking into several different treasure realms. So any good ideas on that front, please hit...
  6. Electrolysis: It CAN be done at home!

    So, I'd heard of electrolysis before but thought it was limited to hair removal :dontknow: so once I read about some of you using it to clean artifacts I had to find out whether it was a simple process or not. Some definitions for you: Oxidation: any surface destruction caused by a chemical...