river find

  1. Old Small White Jar?

    Hi All, cleaning up the deschutes river you find alot of trash but you also find alot of WWI/WWII and Logging Relics. Today we found this cute little white jar. We thought it might be an old pill container from pharmacy. Can anyone identify? The Substrate is white glass. Thank you!
  2. Hello!

    Just getting started on my rockhounding adventure...I even ordered a rock tumbler...just an entry level one to see if I should just buy polished rocks instead. :-) Anyway, I am in Nelson County, Virginia up against the Rockfish River and I went searching for treasure this weekend for the first...
  3. Found a Cooper Bros Chestertown MD Bottle in a Creek. Found out Company's Info Today

    I am one happy guy today. My quest to find out what the Cooper Bros Company in Chestertown, MD was started a year or two ago when I pulled up this barnacled beauty from the depths of a local river called Still Pond Creek: I know it's hard to see from the picture, but this an embossed soda...