rock collection

  1. Partial Paw Print.

    Hi, my name is Deb. I'm a rockhound. And I've been focused on fossil finds lately. Well I found this partial paw print in the creek behind my house (nashville tn) and was wondering if anyone could help identify what it is from. I'm thinking a dog. But would like to make sure before labeling it...
  2. Massive Find - Storage Auction Buyer

    Recently got in contact with a guy that buys storage units and ended up picking up a set of over 100 rocks wrapped in newspaper from the 80s. My wife and I are amateur rock collectors, and we couldn't pass this up. The really cool thing about this collection is it seems to have belonged to a...
  3. Mineral collection + Large piece of petrified wood

    Found this collection at a garage sale a couple years ago for only $15. The fist pic is a collective view of all but the large piece of petriefied wood as shown in the last 2 images. It has crystal growing throughout, and is about 3/4 a foot tall, and 1/2 a foot wide.