seated liberty

  1. 1887 Seated Liberty QUAR. DOL. Fresh out of the ground!

    Wow, this was an undiscovered find from a colonial picnic site, underneath a wild Muscadine vine and granite outcrop. This site has yielded a silver 1/2 reale (Carolus III), and late 18th century and early 19th century flat buttons. This is the latest find and latest date to date! Interesting...
  2. My first Seated Liberty Dime

    I woke up a bit late this morning but feeling good and decided to make the most of what little time I had. Today's target was an old homestead that I know very little about other that the fact that there is virtually no trace of it above ground today. I only had 2 hours to hunt so I was just...
  3. My first Seated Liberty

    I found a 1942 George quarter on Tuesday evening which I thought was awesome, then yesterday I had about an hour to kill in a field that I've been wanting to try out and up comes this beauty. My first seated liberty and oldest dug coin so far.