1. Shark bite Delray Beach!

    Hi All! Got bit by a shark! Check out my new member intro to read all about it!
  2. Opal tooth found in clay and opal mountain! Seems to be diatomaceous earth and clay!not pre Palio just Palio edited

    This mountain my house is next to spreads three mountains far and is a hike up but it’s made of clay DE and opal. This place is kool has Indian camp spots were knifes skinners and other weapons and tools are found pre Palio . Besides that I found a giant tooth unsure what it came from but found...
  3. Tooth Identification

    Found this tooth out hiking in the deserts of Western Texas near Big Bend National Park not in the park, no thanks on the whole federal law breaking thing. Find lots of aquatic fossils out here, oyster shells, ammonites, etc... I know this is probably a sharks tooth but I was wondering if anyone...
  4. Some golf gloves

    On our daily treasure hunts, we came across some vintage golf gloves. Cougar shark suede. New. They are pre-barcode. None like them on Ebay. Here are some pics.
  5. Shark or dinosaur teeth?

    Hi guys I found these in an old pail of rocks my grandpa had, dinosaur or shark teeth? Thanks for your help.
  6. I think I found a Prehistoric Megalodon Sharks Tooth

    Found today, 2/11/15, while picking. I think it is a Prehistoric Megalodon Sharks Tooth but not sure. Your guess or feedback welcome.
  7. ❎ SOLD WTB New/Like-new Tesoro Sand Shark

    Got it. Thanks!