1. Meteorite?

    Hello! Someone gave me this rock, they said it was a meteorite. So I would like to know if it is really a meteorite and/or what it is. It's heavy, and has a lot of different and special parts on it.
  2. What kind of a rock is it ?

    I found this rock on my father in law’s property, Does anyone know what kind of rock this is ? Looks like scoria type outside, but very shiny and bright inside ! What is it ? I will appreciate your answer and your help . Thank you
  3. mystery "rock"

    Any ideas about what this "rock" is? Glass-like and very shiny, pretty lightweight, lots of air bubbles, looks black but upon close examination it's dark green/brown, shows a few layers, found on the Delaware Bay of New Jersey beach yesterday. Thanks!
  4. Silver nugget?

    I found this, which rings up as a pretty consistent 80 signal on my AT pro. It was found in an area that used to be colored quarters part of town, not a mine or anything like that, so I dont really think its silver but my interest is definitely peaked. Its heavy for its weight too... how can I...
  5. How do I clean my silver?

    Hi, how do I clean my silver? I know it can decrease it's value for coins but mine are only valuable because of the silver content, so it's ok to clean right???
  6. SHINY 1937 COIN!!!

    Hi, do you think I could sell this coin? It still has some nice shine to it. How much do you think it could sell for? Some people on ebay are selling less nice coins for 5 or more bucks. Thanks!
  7. ✅ SOLVED flaky Rock with crystals I found in my garden

    Hi, I'm new but I heart rocks! Wish I knew more about the lovely rocks I find in my garden! Today I found a rock that has a bunch of white crystal like pieces. I pinched one of them and it broke off in my hand. It's got alot of shiny black in it too.. and its shine flashes like gold when I...
  8. any idea on what there are?

    I am very interested in finding out the exact name of these types of rocks and gems or whatever they are, I have no idea but I am trying to sale them. Anyone know anything about these stones? All assistance and resource information is greatly appreciated.