silver half dollar

  1. A Whole Roll of '67 Halves!

    On occasion I go to the bank and get some quarters, nickles or whatever, a few days ago I decided to turn in my quarters for cash, then go across the street and see if the other bank had any halves... the teller said they did but I would have to wait a few minutes for them (why? I have no clue)...
  2. My best find ever so far

    My best find ever so far "waking liberty half dollar" a 1935 waking liberty half dollar
  3. Treasure Found at Illegal Dump

    Came across piles of garbage bags tossed in the woods of my local park the other day. Probably dumped by house renovators or an angry landlord. Initially sparked my curiosity because I could see alongside the garbage were everyday household items like pots, pans, and old books. Here is some of...