silver ring

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    .925 silver ring with zirconium and garnets
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    Silver ring and copper pennys
  3. yard sale SILVER RING!

    Found this 5 g. ring for .25 cents at a yard sale. It's worth about 2.30 in silver. It's out of shape sadly.
  4. I eyeballed a GOLD RING!!!

    Hello folks! Hope you found some treasure today. I sure did! I was/am homeschooled (graduated today!!!) and was at my homeschool group soccer when I looked down randomly and found a squished piece of jewelry. I picked it up and it was all covered in white paint from them spraying the lines. But...

    I was walking with my detector down the street. I'm a little selfconcious so I cross the street when I see my neighbors so that I can avoid questions. Well I wasnt paying attention so i walked right by while they were on their yard, and all of a sudden my neighbors asked me a question so I was...
  6. two silver rings

    Two silver rings I dug up near an old homestead they and cleaned up nice. One with diamond like transparent stones, the other with black onyx or jet like stones set in silver.
  7. Early Morning Playground Detection

    I woke up at 5:00 a.m. today and went to a Playground nearby the coast. That's the best time to get there for some detection, because there's nobody there so early in the morning. I had the park for me alone. I digged up some interesting things and Im starting to understand much better my...
  8. SILVER!!! I think?!

    Hello fellow treasure searchers! :) Do you think this is real silver? It has no markings. I thought it was a washer so I put it away for a week and forgot to ask my Dad if he thought it was one or not. After pulling it out again I realized it must be a ring because it's so think and has no...
  9. Early 1800's Small Silver ring, Missing stone, Acorn & Leaf Design 800 Silver???

    If ANYONE can verify that this is an early 1800's 800 silver ring. For a baby or a toe or verify anything about it Id be very happy. I can not find anything. One thing I have figured out if you press either side of the design of the acorn and leaf into silly puddy it creates the image of an...
  10. Unexpected Silver and Gold Ring.

    Genuine opal. Not Stamped. Any idea on age? Probably modern but was found in a wooded area that was accessed around 1900-1920. Please speak your minds.
  11. My first silver for 2015 and its gigantic!

    My first silver for 2015 and it's gigantic! I found a huge double silver ring at a nearby park. It reminds be of brass knuckles! It rang in between 88 and 90 on the Garrett AT PRO. I also found a bit of clad and a couple of junk rings.
  12. I found 2 silver items at a local playground.

    This video also has my new intro that I will use for 2015.
  13. Old (not just old to me) Shotgun caps and my first ring (silver to boot)

    I wasn't even going to keep these shotgun caps until my detecting partner said, those must be old since they appear to have had a paper casing. I hadn't even thought of that as I've always seen plastic but I'm just a young guy. I'm into the history and story behind my finds so I kept 'em...
  14. Nearly 100 hours under my belt and I have found stuff! Yay!

    As a kid, I always thought it would be cool to have my own detector; however, I never had the means to get one, so it was put out of my mind...until...last November (2013), my pop-in-law was watching youtube videos of folks finding cool stuff and I caught the bug. I realized as an adult, I...
  15. Me finding a vintage silver ring.

    The ring is the last find on the video.
  16. Vintage silver ring and academic award found at elementary school today :)

    Got a couple of keepers today :) :icon_thumleft: link to a video of the hunt:
  17. metal robin and silver!

    Nicer weather today, got out for a bit. Got a metal Robin that says copyright 1992 on the bottom, it's pretty cool and rang up like a quarter on the coinmaster pro. I also got 2 rings (Robin is holding both). One ring is junk and the other says Mexico 925 :headbang:. The coinmaster saw the junk...
  18. Metal Detecting: Labor Day Weekend Treasure 2013

    Snoopy and I (DL Detectorists) explore upper Maryland and parts of southern Pennsylvania in search of treasure. Check out our finds from 3 days of digging over Labor Day Weekend. We had a blast and look forward to next weekend!
  19. Titanium (my first) and 925 silver today :)

    Went back to my top secret jewelry spot today with my mom and got my first ever titanium ring! Also got a 925 silver one and a couple of bling pieces. Fun day and the weather is great! I believe the sea turtle is silver too, it has a maker's mark but it doesn't say silver anywhere.
  20. bling blingitty bling bling silver and gold :)

    Silver and gold today! Well I think... I got a bunch of hood bling and one animal face ring that seems to be gold. The animal face ring is so thin that it's barely thicker than the walls of an aluminum can. Whoever made it, made it super thin. In the places where it is broken the metal color is...