silver umax

  1. 🙋 WANTED Tesoro Cleansweep 3x18. Delta 4-pin

    Looking for a proper working cleansweep coil. 4 pin for Vaquero. Can pay via Paypal or will trade for a complete Silver uMax with 8 inch coil. Thank you
  2. ❎ SOLD Trade: 3 Machines. DFX, Silver uMax, Omega 8000

    Trade: 2 Machines. Silver uMax, Omega 8000 Need to try and trade off 2 of my detectors for other models for a project I am working on. I ship Either USPS or Fedex whichever is cheaper and can ship M-F. Will trade with established members unless you are local to Ventura, CA area and then can be...
  3. Newbie here, needing help with my lovely Tesoro silver max

    hi there everyone, im sure there's something wrong with my silver umax which i just love. i got the silver umax as a Christmas gift 3 or 4 years ago and it never gave me any problems. Husband is in the military so we were moved to Alaska a while ago. When i unpacked my silver umax from the...
  4. old house lot detecting

    just showing what i am up against on this old house lot , I have found 3 good tokens and three silver coins so far I find that a players is great for extracting sharp rusty objects without getting cut
  5. Silver uMax and 11" widescan in wet salt sand

    I have read that the 11" widescan Tesoro coil will give me wider scanning coverage and about the same depth as the 8" concentric coil that comes with the Silver uMax. That's good for me and might be enough reason to buy it. However, I also would like to scan the wet, salty sand at my Southern...
  6. Silver uMax - "Morse Code" interference

    I posted the message below in the Tech Talk forum. I hope it's OK to post it here, too, because other Silver uMax users are more likely to see it here. Are any of you seeing a problem like this? Also, have any Compadre users run into a problem like this? I'm thinking of buying one as a backup...