1. Sunken Treasure and old skeleton found in Florida

    An old skeleton was uncovered in the dunes by a construction company and about 100 yards away 1715 Fleet gold was found by treasure hunters in the ocean. A week of discoveries: Sunken treasures and human remains | 32963 News, All News, Featured News Secondary, News | Vero News
  2. Old Skeleton Key

    Found this key in the Parma city neighborhood of Ohio. Stayin at an old 1918 farmhouse near the old Pleasent vally lake park. Sure did get my blood pumping. My first BIG find. Detecting is definitely my new hobby.:headbang::skullflag: Rich
  3. Ancient Attic Discoveries!?

    Interesting story to come out of an attic over in Florida... Man discovers coins, treasure map and skeletal hand in attic | WGNO
  4. Pirate remains found treasure sign ??

    Hi fellow treasure hunters just wanted to get people's views on weather or not you believe that when pirates used to bury there loot that they used to bury one of their own with it to guard it??