1. ✅ SOLVED Chinese Lampshade made from Animal Skin? Who? What? When? Where?

    Found this very unusual Chinese / Asian -style object today that I think is a twisted lampshade or some kind of ceremonial lantern /ornament. It is super strange because it is made of some kind of natural skin or hide that was stretched over a heavy twisted metal framework and sewn with...
  2. Whale Skin Belt. + Rattlesnake belt +Sterling Buckle Set

    I didn't kill them! But I did find three unique vintage whale skin belt today. Marked R A Hughes Pty Qld (Australia). Plus a rattlesnake belt. Made in USA. Plus, a beautifully hammered vintage leather belt with sterling silver buckle set. (Mexico). (I also recently bought a "seal skin"...
  3. Tiger Replica model.

    Made of skin the tiger all body real .
  4. Formal Announcement of the "Optional" skin at

    As many of you know the upgrade to the new software was quite a big change for the members and the administration team. We knew going into this it would be a tough upgrade and that's why we've spent hundreds of man hours tweaking the new site, adding tons of user choices and making sure that we...