1. Double Shotgun Rolls - Skunky

    During my lunch break, I went to a bank (in an area to which I seldom go) and asked for half dollars. They gave me $12.50 loose, $30 in regular shotgun rolls, and $120 in double shotgun rolls. All of the rolls were old CWR and I was very excited to see them. Drove straight to a park and...
  2. First it was halves, now someone is marking pennies!

    Just kidding, Happy Thursday! Having the skunkiest week since I have started, but tomorrow I am off of work and plan a suburban customer wrapped coin search. Please send all your good luck my way! :)
  3. Weekly for Weaselbrott (7 boxes of halves, 1 boxes of dimes, and $800 cwr)

    I had a very disappointing week for halves indeed. Out of 7 boxes of halves and about 300 in [skunk] customer wrapped halves, I only got 2 90%ers, and 3 40%ers for the whole week. Some stampless and some 4-digit stamped string&son boxes. Out of 1 box of dimes and about $500 in customer wrapped...
  4. No silver today... but thats okay!

    Did my usual lunch walk today and picking up coin rolls along the way, asking tellers for the older coinage. Nobody had custi rolled anything, and nobody had any halves either; nut-thin!! Every so often, I have a day where I don't find a single silver coin, and today was my day. Don't let bad...