solid gold

  1. Questions about gold marks on service pins: "10/10" or "SOLID GOLD" or "GOLD X" or "X GOLD X"

    I've been collecting a little tin of marked pins with marks I can't figure out. Mostly I have gotten these at garage sales or estate sales. My Googling around always takes me to the same kind of information like, "What does 14K mean?" I can read standard gold marks, but my acid testing skills...
  2. Gold Ring trying to track down any information

    Hi ! I’m new here and I’m just trying to track down the history or any information at all about this ring I have .
  3. Old gold ring with engraving of solid gold

    I found a ring today metal detecting a church built in the late 1800's.Can someone tell me something about it or what it is worth? Thanks. I have the fever!