1. 💵 FOR SALE Sidescan sonars

    I have an Imagenex 872 sidescan sonar unit for sale. This unit has never been used. I had great intentions for this sonar but I never used it. The internal board is already weighted and I poured a custom lead nose cone weight that fits in the nose cone. Manual, control box, GPS, supporting...
  2. Will we ever get this type of metal detecting technology?

    In the Army I was a 32G20 or Fixed Cryptographic Equipment Repairman and worked on crypto computers that were use in fixed locations like army headquarters all over the world. But all my experience was analog and digital electronics theory and field work. Not audio processing. This was the...
  3. Towfish vs. Downrigger

    Hello, Although this doesn't exactly pertain to shipwrecks, I hope you all can give me some advice. I am working on an underwater mapping project (mapping locations of inundated towns). The location I am currently looking at is under about 70-80 feet (20-25 meters) of freshwater. I will be...
  4. 🙋 WANTED Side scan sonar complete wanted.

    Interested in buying a side scan sonar complete set up that does not use windows. Instantnight AKA: Michael [email protected]