1. ✅ SOLVED Round Stone/ Marble Spheres? What Are They?

    I've been trying to find out for a day now what these things are. I bought them from an estate sale for $5. They say they are Indian heating stones, but they are too round and look almost manufactured. These things are huge! I mean it could be a marble, but i'm having second thoughts because of...
  2. This could be of alien origin.

    I finally made a stand I think fits my favorite sphere. The stand is Magnesium slag with a Hematite pendant glued to the front. The sphere is Basalt/Agate. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Spheremaker/275374052512102?fref=photo
  3. What are these strange objects?

    I think the most likely explanation is milling balls. These two spheres were found in some freshly turned soil in Rural Oklahoma. At first observation they appear to be some kind of highly polished and handmade stone ball or marble. The objects have similar coloring and pitting that a stone...
  4. A different kind of sphere...turned out well I think.

    I usually make stone spheres, but once in a while I'll work with glass. I ran by a demo of some high gloss resin at Lowes the other day and thought I'd give an idea I had a shot using some recycled glass chunk rock I had lying around. I used a 4" culinary arts silicon mold for this one, but...