1. Could Anyone Help Me ID This Metal Detecting Find?

    Could you help me id this Metal Detecting Find or send me in a direction/website Where I can upload metal detecting finds and get answers easily
  2. Dandy Buttons? Musket Balls... Spoons... Massachusetts

    Hi everyone. I mentioned yesterday I would post some photos of the buttons we've found so far on the 1683 property, so here goes. Several have subtle remainders of gold gilt. There is one button I'm very curious about--it has what looks like wheat on the sides, and some writing on it. I'm...
  3. Wonderful Stuff...Some Unknowns...Revolutionary War Onward

    Hi everyone, I'm going to post a bunch of items we have unearthed over the past month via metal detector on my brother's 1683 four-acre property (a one-time tavern with blacksmith, farrier, 60-stable barn, Revolutionary War campsite(?), schoolhouse). We have found so many buttons, rosettes(?)...