1. Stealth Detecting?

    Anyone thought about stealth detecting? Don't want to do anything illegal, but sometimes I just don't want people to be watching me. Thought of mounting the detector on rollers or maybe a baby stroller, find coins and mark the spot with a golf tee. Then go back with the pin-pointer after a few...
  2. Stealth 720i Sand Scoop Question

    Well, I'm finally upgrading from my piddly short handled hand scoop to something much better. I'm getting ready to purchase a Stealth 720i, but there is a scoop option I need help with. In the past, the holes have been 1/2", but now you can have the option of 1/4" holes in the bottom and the...
  3. 🙋 WANTED << WANTED >>Stealth Scoop 920 iX Hybrid back

    Anyone have an extra one or one they no longer use they want to sell me? Thanx
  4. ❎ SOLD Stealth 720i scoop (1 3/8"- tube) lightly used

    Sold Got this scoop at the very end of this past summer, so it only got used maybe a dozen times in Lake Michigan here, is an awesome scoop. All 1/2" holes and takes their new sturdy 1 3/8" wood handles. Northern Indiana, South Bend area, have 2 wood handles (can work out good price and...