superstition mountain

  1. Jim Bark's Manuscript

    Please forgive me if I'm asking an obvious question - Has Jim Bark's manuscript ("Notes") ever been published? Good luck to all, The Old Bookaroo
  2. More Aerial Drone Footage of the Superstitions

    Ryan and I have been spending a lot more time with the drone over the past few days and wanted to share more drone footage. Drone = DJI Phantom 3 Professional. No advertisements or sponsors in these videos. #2 - The Hunt #3 - The Apache Kid Cave / Wave Cave #4 - Flying the Apache...
  3. Video 5 - Explorations at Herman Petrashs Cabin

    With much excitement, Frank and I are proud to offer Video 5 - continuing on from video 4, where we touched on Herman Petrash's cabin site. We hope that by posting this video that conversations remain productive, respectful, and constructive. Special thanks to Tom Kollenborn for his research...
  4. Video - Adventures in the Superstition Wilderness

    In the 3rd episode of my Superstition Mountain series, I take you on a 3 day adventure that ends up at one of the most controversial places in the range. I look forward to the comments and discussion that will follow. You can watch the video on my YouTube page, located here...