1. Looking for a Fisher 1270x, 1280x, and CZ-21 Prefer to trade for silver bullion/coins

    I'm looking for another Fisher 1270x or F75 as well as either a 1280x or a CZ-21 at reasonable prices. I prefer to trade for silver bullion, silver coins, or American Eagles. Please let me know what you have, how old it is, what kind of shape it is in, and how much use it's given. Pics would be...
  2. AT Pro and Ace upper shaft swap

    I have been told that the AT Pro top shaft will fit onto the Ace middle shaft. Is this true? If so the Ace Mtng holes can be drilled into the AT shaft and solve the problem of short positioning of the arm cuff. I am assuming that the AT upper shaft is longer. Can anyone verify?