tdi sl

  1. Beachhunter TDI

    Hey all, Does anyone know if the Beachhunter TDI is similar or the same as the TDI SL? Id like to eventually use the BH for relic and coin hunting if it is. Thanks in advance! -Kerry
  2. Half Ounce GOLD COIN

    You heard right, April 22, 2018 I found a nice little 14K Gold ring, my buddy Dave however found a killer 17 gram 22K Gold Coin (1976 Canadian Commemorative Coin). We both use Whites TDI S/L. It was about 5-6 inches down, a little beat up from rocks but a keep for sure.
  3. My first gold ring 18k white gold w/ .40 diamonds TDI SL beach find

    Took my new whites out today for the first time TDI SL in the wet sand my first ring.