tesoro coil

  1. ❎ SOLD WTB Tesoro 11x8 widescan coil (epsilon)

    Looking for an 11x8 widescan coil for 5pin (epsilon) Tesoro. Thanks
  2. New coil or a pinpointer?

    Okay guys, here's my dilemma: I've been hunting with my vaquero with the stock 9x8 concentric coil for the past 6 months, mostly parks and yards. Now that I've got the hang of the machine, I'm ready to take the next step. Should I upgrade to the 11x8 widescan coil, or get a pinpointer? If you...
  3. 💵 FOR SALE For Sale Tesoro Outlaw - 3 Coil Package (3 months old)

    Tesoro Outlaw $460 w/Warranty I have a 3 month old Tesoro Outlaw (3 coil pack) for $460 paypal plus 3%. It is boxed and ready for shipping. Included are original box, owners manual, unsigned warranty card, detector, 3 coils, 3 coil covers, 3 lower shafts with wing nuts. Condition of detector is...