1. Minelab Excal II Threshold Knob not turning on. HELP!!!

    I live in NC.. My machine is not turning on.. I here these threshold knobs go bad? it does not 'Click to On or off.. Anyone besides minicab fix this kinds issue?
  2. Understanding signal response graph, sensitivity and threshold

    Hi, I have a few questions. 1. Suppose I use a single frequency of 20kHz. If I do that, would I be able to detect only certain metals or would the detector still pick up all metals? If it would still pick up all metals, would the signals from some of those metals be weaker (quieter)...
  3. Can manual threshold and ground balance be added to a Tesoro Silver Umax machine?

    I've read they can, but the articles I've read so far pertain to older "Silver Sabre" Umax models. Mine is a new type Umax bought in October 2012. I'd like to add manual threshold and ground balance controls to it if possible, and I've been led to believe from what I've read so far that it's...