1. Equinox 800 fluty tone question

    I came from 3 years using an AT Pro. So the audio term "flutly" is not well understood by me. After the update on my 800 some things have seemed to have changed for the better. hunting today at a permission I have hunted twice before the update, I noticed that all my clad coins came in with a...
  2. Question: Hearing disabled and detection

    Okay I am having problems with my ears/hearing. So in this case should I or even could I start metal detecting? Fear: That I wouldn't be able to distinguish the different sounds or is there another way to go? Figured I would get input on this before I invest or waste time. TIA
  3. Finally On The Board

    Hello All, I have finally dug 2 good finds and on the same day. Wow what a feeling. My first great find is an AU 10K Turkey White Gold bracelet coming in at 3 grams and hitting at 47 VDI. My second find is a 925 Italy Silver charm bracelet coming in at 9 grams and hitting at 88/89 VDI on my AT...