treasure beach

  1. Blue Clay Western NY

    I have a question? Has anyone one ever located blue clay in New York state. I recently ran across some blue clay in our creek bed while panning. Western NY region. I will get a photo this week of the clay. What does it mean?
  2. Mountain Lake Detecting

    it's not always about what you find it's about Getting out and teaching the younger generation the hobby. Thanks for watching the video I hope you enjoyed it Jeff
  3. WEEKEND REPORT: Metal Detecting Lost Treasures from an Old Forgotten Beach in the PNW

    Hello TreasureNetters! This week we take you to an old park and back to the Old Floating Saloon Site where we found all the old saloon tokens. Barbers, Merc's, Buff's, vintage rings and old saloon tokens are recovered on this TOP SECRET expedition. Happy Hunting! -SilverChirp PHOTOS: