treasure master

  1. Nov29th last hunt of 2015 with Treasure Master.

    40 Degrees outside today and off for what will probably be my last hunt of the year. Found a couple of interesting finds and a couple good finds at a new site I will be hunting next year.. :hello:
  2. Black Friday Ax Friday with the whites treasure master

    A short hunt on the 27th November while the weather holds out in back of a locale school. Using the Whites Treasure Master...
  3. Treasure Master does it again.

    Went to a new field site today, very beautiful day in Maine. I found my first Ox Knob , that made my day for sure. Here is a short video of my wonderful day detecting a local field..
  4. Whites Treasure Master another tip and overload could be helpful

    Just a little video on some things I have been finding when the master has been giving me the penny signal.