treasure signs

  1. Anyone want to talk about this giant 5-pointed star on Buzzard's Roost, Arizona?

    I'm not sure where this belongs, but seeing as how I got here from Bob Brewer's book, I figure KGC is the best bet. I'm trying to decide whether or not this whole thing is BS with Bob's book. I know a lot of people on here have made up their minds already, but I haven't and I'm still...
  2. Ancient Inscriptions

    Old signs and marks,any help please Hello everyone I am from Morocco. Recently, while I was in a neighboring village with a friend of mine, I noticed a group of inscriptions that i have never seen it before, because my knowledge is very limited in this field. Please i would be very gratiful...
  3. Naturallly Occuring Formation OR Manmade Treasure Marker/Sign?

    Natural occurring or weathered formation?
  4. Tree carvings on the Trail of Tears

    These trees are located on the Trail of Tears and on the old Cherokee Boundry Line, would love to hear some opinions about their meaning.
  5. Signs and Symptoms of treasure

    This is the sign of a grave in this place, there must be a grave.
  6. Treasure Signs in the Phillipiines

    can sumone nterpret this to me
  7. The first lessons of the treasure signs

    Hi my freinds:hello: I am Sadagh safari and you can say me jackson.I am the manager of the Iranians Treasure club and auther of the 6 books for the treasure researches .I am a treasure researcher you can see my profile and my web site I will very happy to help the others researchers in this...