1. 1875 Antique Chest

    Hey everyone 👋 I’m new to this site, but have been a treasure hunter at heart since I was a child. Today I was doing some Antique hunting and this chest was sitting in a dark corner and somehow caught my eye. Stamped on the latch is a patent number and year. It looks to be 145 years old and...
  2. Identifying my trunk

    Need help dating/ Identifying this trunk.
  3. Henry Likly wardrobe trunk value

    Hi, I’m curious as to what a fair price would be associated with this trunks worth?
  4. Med

    Hello! I cannot seem to find anything that looks like this on the internet. Some distinguishable characteristics make me believe it's not a typical immigrant trunk: - The dome top only opens 1/2 way. - Imperial Eagle, Crowns, Flower painted on chest / trunk - Cask Iron round feet -...
  5. Dragged Home a Treasuer Chest / Trunk today.

    This morning, I found this old chest / trunk and dragged it home. Cleaned it up. :icon_thumleft: I was hoping to find some old doubloons but no luck there. :icon_jokercolor: Looks like it was used to transport bottles because of the circular stains on the inside bottom. Approximately...
  6. ID of old cedar lined chest

    All we know is this was a gift from an ex-girlfriend (who had claimed it was old) and the present day wife wanted it out of the house... Now it is mine and I'd love to know if anyone can give me any thoughts on what it is and where it may have come from. Thanks!