1. Howdy from Tucson, Arizona

    Howdy All, I am new to this forum stuff but a friend at work sent me something from your site and I started looking around. I have spent most of my life looking down and around and "finding things" as my family calls it but I never thought of myself as a treasure hunter before. I guess...
  2. Metal Detecting Law in Arizona PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    I have just moved to Tucson and have been metal detecting for years...... I was wondering is it okay to metal detect on city limits such as the sidewalk in between the houses and the street? ... Can I detect in the washes or old roads that I find on historic maps.. Or any parks, national forest...
  3. The Old Padres Dream Mine - A 19th Century Mining Yarn

    The Old Padre's Dream Mine - A 19th Century Mining Yarn THE OLD PADREā€™S DREAM. How Harvey Hanson Found a Manuscript and a Mine. A Prospector's Story of the Way a Lost Mine Was Found. Hanson's Remarkable Literary Treasure Trove In the Old Mission of Santa Gertrudes and His Quijotoa Mine...
  4. Tucson AZ diggin buddy

    lookin for a digging buddy to go detecting with me. i live in downtown tucson. PM me if you are interested