1. 1984 Colorful Penny

    1984 Colorful Penny

    This image, I got from google, but I have one that I found last night, and while shining a flash light on it, there was a slight reddish-brownish tint to it, like it's reflective-ish. Does this penny have some sort of value, or is the color just from rust or oil? I can't tell, but it looks new-ish.
  2. 2007 Closed Am Penny

    2007 Closed Am Penny

    Like the 2004 Closed Am Penny, this one I also found (image from google) in my piggy bank, and it has a Closed AM, the labels FG is close to the edge of the bottom right corner of the memorial, and it has the mint label S on it. What's the value or does this not have a value because it's kinda new?
  3. 1974 Penny Misprint

    1974 Penny Misprint

    Ok, so this is like a normal penny, and I did get this image from google, but I found a 1974 Penny that has the mint label D on it, and the "In God We Trust" is cut in half at the very edge of the penny. So what is the value of this? Is it worth anything?
  4. 2004 Closed AM Penny (FG is spaced from edge), comes with Mint Label D

    2004 Closed AM Penny (FG is spaced from edge), comes with Mint Label D

    How much is this worth? I used images from google, but I have found these images in real life, and it's not exactly like the 1992 penny, but it's the same thing, just different year. So, what's the value of pennys that have the same print-mistake as the 1992, but different year?
  5. Clear cyrstals in a rock

    I found this rock the other day, thinking it is dolomite? it weighs about 4 or 5 pounds and it has lots of clear crystals in it. I was wondering if anyone here knows anything about it? I am looking for a value of it as well. Thank you in advance