victorio peak

  1. Dr. Oren Swearingen on Victorio Peak

    In this video, Dr. Oren Swearingen told of his many years of experience at Victorio Peak in search of the gold that was hidden there. ~Texas Jay
  2. New Guy from West Texas

    Hi, I'm Harry and I'm a treasure hunter. Very proud to be a member. What a wealth of knowledge and experience on this forum! I know I'm a novice compared to some of the guys on here, but I love to learn and I'd appreciate any advise you care to give me. I'm intested in Victorio Peak, treasure...
  3. The Victorio Peak books are finally available!!

    The Victorio Peak books (The Gold House trilogy) are finally available!! After 8 years of research and writing by John Clarence and Tom Whittle, the Victorio Peak saga is finally available in hardcover and Ebook formats in a three-book sequel entitled the Gold House trilogy, which has been...