wet sand

  1. Silver pendant and a deteriorating dime

    Silver pendant and a deteriorating dime I thought was a wiped out reale never seen a dime deteriorate so badly.
  2. Best hunt of the year!

    Yesterday I spent 5 hours metal detecting at a beach. I found 13oz of lead, some modern coins, and a coins line of wheat pennies! There are 14 wheat pennies total and one has a mint error!
  3. Affordable Metal Detector

    Hello everyone! I'm in the market for my first metal detector. I live on the East Coast in NC and am primarily interested in searching in wet/damp sand, shallow water/creekbeds/tidelines, and mud. Basically the beach and marshlands, with some creeks. Though eventually, I will probably want to...
  4. Minelab Excalibur 1000 not working on wet sand and seawater

    I took my minelab Excalibur 1000 to the beach and it would not work on the wet sand. All you could hear is the threshold and when the coil touched the wet sand, it would go silent as if there was iron. I placed a quarter at 4 in and it wouldn't pick it up. I adjusted the sensitivity many times...
  5. first hunt with a fisher gold bug in Taiwan beach

    so this is my second hunt with a fisher gold bug at the beach (dry and wet sand). what i can say is that the machine do pretty well and i have been rewarded with some lovely old and new Chinese coins. for the video hope you like it and next time i will try to be more organised. cheers
  6. Spectra V3. NEED HELP ON THE BEACH!!

    Went out again with the spectra V3 today for just a couple of hours. I do still have trouble with ground balancing the detector in wet sand as the signal seems not to stabilise after pumping to the coil up and down several times. I do not think I'm doing anything wrong, but i also think the...