1. Possible whale ear bone?

    Found these on a one square mile earth moving project. Haven't seen any other rock like these types out there. I have found 3 points and a scraper pit there. I was wondering if anyone could determine if the top one is possibly a whale ear bone. The other may possibly be fossilized root or...
  2. Possible whale ear bone?

    Probably nothing but the top one looked like a possible whale ear bone and the bottom looked like a possible fossilized antler. Only rocks of its type found on a square mile earth moving site in virginia.
  3. Whale Skin Belt. + Rattlesnake belt +Sterling Buckle Set

    I didn't kill them! But I did find three unique vintage whale skin belt today. Marked R A Hughes Pty Qld (Australia). Plus a rattlesnake belt. Made in USA. Plus, a beautifully hammered vintage leather belt with sterling silver buckle set. (Mexico). (I also recently bought a "seal skin"...
  4. Calvert Cliffs whale vert

    I found this whale vertebrae at Calvert Cliffs. It's the best thing I've found there so far.