what are these?

  1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Not sure what these are! Found at the same place.

    These were landscaping rocks I found, so I'm not sure of their original origin point but I do know they're all from around the same place. The gold/yellow stuff has some rainbow glints to it, and the white crystal ish stuff is pinkish in real life. bottle cap for scale.
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Are these scabbard tips?

    Are these scabbard finials? The one on the end definitely looks like one but the others are a bit different and have holes drilled in the end and sides. On other finials I’ve seen two holes for rivets but they are set up horizontally at the base while these two holes are vertical. What does...
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    Dark green
  4. Can someone tell me what these rocks are that I've found?

    Hello, I'm new here. I just found this website last night and was hoping someone could help me identify these rocks that I found on my property in southern Nevada. Are those real gold spots? Etc. Thanks in advance.
  5. ✅ SOLVED Need help with id+valuation of these indian artifacts

    Not sure what these are exactly, my mother has had most of these for a long time and i had the stone(axe?maul?) given to me by my late uncle. Any help figuring out what they are and if they are worth anything would be greatly appreciated. Please and thankyou in advance and thanks for your time.
  6. Found in a old gold mining camp - what is it?

  7. Found these near the water. Any ideas on what type they are?

    Was hunting on a friends property near the river and found the skinny black arrowhead lodged in the mud. Was wondering if anyone knew what type or from what time period it's from. The other one was found on a small mound a good distance away from the river.

    I live out in Snow Camp NC, I have been looking for Gold on a private area that belongs to a friend of mine. We found these rocks as we were going through our many buckets of dirt. Some say Gem's and some say lime stone and ect What are they?
  9. Got a ROck you want identified? come play stump the chump!

    http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/hard-rock-mining/348469-got-rock-you-want-identified-post-here-gimme-good-picture-3-4-a.html Just here for the Rocks y'all have questions on!