1. My first Barber!

    I got out today for about two hours at an 1870s house near me (same place where I got flying eagle, chinese coin, gold earring, and a bunch of other stuff) and I did a little more research and it was apparently also the site of an 1850s/60s post office, neat. So I went back today and dug for a...
  2. Silver and tokens

    I thought I'd share some items found today and last week. These were all recovered from a curb strip next to an old school I like to hunt. The Newfoundland 20 cent piece ( .925 ) is definitely something I didn't expect to dig! It didn't even ring up or sound like you would expect a larger silver...
  3. Silver on your own lawn?! Yep!

    Was happy to find this nice silver ca. quarter on my lawn! Also found this wheat pennie. Why do people like to collect wheaties? Do they have much value or do people like them just because they are older coins? Would this wheat sell? How about the silver?
  4. I Caught a Fish While dirt fishing!

    Not a bad day. 2 wheaties (1944 was the oldest) a bunch of clad some stinkin Lincolns and a FISH! :headbang: I'm not sure what it is, just some decoration off something I guess. The back has a spot in the middle where it looks like it was soldered to something. Any ideas?

    ROI-TAN RULES! Today's my last day of vacation before heading back to work, so I got our for a late afternoon two-hour hunt at my favorite spot in Wyman Park. With today's seven wheats my count for this small section of park, about a quarter of a city block, stands at 100. The earliest dates...
  6. Took a stab at CRH

    I decided to give it a shot, started with $25 in pennies, $10 in nickels, $20 in dimes, $30 in halves. Didn't find any silvers :( kinda what I expected. I did find 8 wheaties 1926-1955, 3 Canadian pennies, a Panama p penny, a mexican 20 cent. Also saved about $7 in copper pennies, Yes I'm a...