whites medal detectors

  1. Hydraulic Pit Gold

    Prospecting for Gold Nuggets in an Old Hydraulic Pit in the Heart of the California Motherlode. The Old Timers didn't get it all watch as Jeff and Gary (Two Toes) find Hidden Gold Nuggets in the Bedrock Crevices with Metal Detectors. SG 011 Watch our other Prospecting video's and check out...
  2. Opinion Sought - DFX

    I've gotten back into the sport after a couple of years off. My current detector is a DFX I bought used, with the 9.5, 5.3 and 18" coils. The only problem I have is the right side of the display occasionally drops out (currently working fine). My question is - given it is out of production...
  3. Whites Treasure Master another tip and overload could be helpful

    Just a little video on some things I have been finding when the master has been giving me the penny signal.