wireless head phones

  1. No more crazy lady cussing

    Finally! No more cord on my headphones that I am constantly having to cuss out. These things are amazing! My Garrett Ace 400, Wanda, just upped her game. Had to save up for them, and Iā€™m so glad I did. Well worth it.
  2. My Wireless (Not Bluetooth) HeadPhone Setup using Rapoo HC3070

    I got this idea from a thread on this site which led me to try this myself and post so other may benefit. I purchased all of this for around $90 on the internet. My setup is a bit different in that I use a Garrett cable which plugs into the headphone jack with the other end being a 1/4" stereo...
  3. Does any wireless EARBUD setup exist? (w/out significant delay)

    I have reviewed all of the threads related to wireless headphone setups, and there doesn't appear to be any advice out there directly addressing this question: Is there any good option for a wireless earbud setup? I am going to dip my toe in the water of MDing in a public place, and though my...