x-terra 50

  1. Minelab X-Terra 50 Detecting Farmland

    Here's a video of my second outing with the Minelab X-Terra 50 on another farmland permission my friend has gained. This was probably one of my better days finding 2 old coins as well as the usual trash along with an unusual old sledgehammer head which drove the detector crazy. One of the coins...
  2. Minelab X-Terra 50 First Time Using It On Farm Permission

    Here's a good video of a Minelab X-terra 50 in action detecting on a (windy) farmers field permission in the North East on England. This was my first time out with the X-Terra 50 having upgraded from a Garrett Ace 250 and I liked the X-Terra a lot more than the garrett. I hope you like the...