1. Hazard

    Anyone come across one of these bad boys yet? A 12t man made Yamashita concrete and stone hazard rock/bobby trap carefully crafted and perched on the side of a cliff overlooking a waterfall. Is it a decoy or a bobby trap?
  2. is this Closed Tunnel or Japanese Camp

    hi guys we accidentally found Closed tunnel Near in The river and they have a rock sign in the river we don't know this but we found it and very wierd whene we go there the stunes is same size. is This A Treasure Or A Camp. i uploaded the video on youtube... please help me
  3. Yamashita Treasure Signs

    Can anyone help me interpret these signs?

    Hello! We are looking for treasure hunters to join our team on a new television series. We are the company behind Coopers Treasure. If interested please email me at- [email protected]. I look forward to speaking with you.
  5. Need Help!! 200 Treasure Maps from WWII

    Hi everyone, My hobby is searching for Yamashita Treasure from WWII in the Philippines. I have come across 200 small maps indicating "Targets". I have scanned the red square area with 3 different scanners and have all located metal, precious metal and AU, though I have not dug it yet. The...
  6. Yamashita Codes Updated 2016

    Here are my code charts current as of January 2016 to best of my knowledge and investigation.
  7. Project site north of Clark.

    Hi All, have a site north of clark, anyone around there or interested drop me a line. [email protected] or pm here. happy hunting
  8. japanese sign and symbols

    Anybody who can say something regarding this sign on a rock in our area.. PLease help thanks!
  9. Hello Treasure Hunters

    Hello everyone I am cakoy. I am a filipino and I would like to ask any help from you guys regarding hidden yamashita treasure in the philippines. So if anybody who can describe a sign then lets talk.. Have a nice day! Keep digging!!!! yeah!
  10. Cache hunting pictures/drawings/signs/markers/soil layers

    Enter Password Detailed presentation of cache hunting activity in my island in bohol, philippines. This is very useful to would be treasure hunters... Be safe guys, (password) margaha