yuba river

  1. Yuba river metal detecting

    I just got a Goldmonster & would like to find places to use it. I have access to some claims, but curious about rules on the Yuba. Can I use it at Edward crossing or the goldfields?
  2. Gold Detecting with Two Toe’s

    Jeff and Gary head to the California Mother lode in search of Gold Nuggets left behind by the 49er's . The search takes them up hwy 49 to a friends private Mining Claim were the hunt begins. Gary breaks out his New Minelab SDC 2300 Metal detector and starts the adventure... The guy's meet up...
  3. Yellow Sludge Fouling the Yuba River!

    NEVADA COUNTY, Calif. — The South Yuba River is yellow -- yes, yellow -- in Nevada County, prompting officials to issue a no swim advisory on Friday for the waterway. The discoloration and high opacity are apparent in the river from below the town of Washington to Englebright...