Infinium VS Sea Hunter Mark II
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Thread: Infinium VS Sea Hunter Mark II

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    Infinium VS Sea Hunter Mark II

    Is there really a big diffrence between them the Infinium has auto ground tracking but i thought all PI detectors were auto ground tracking....................... I know the In. has iron check .....I have one Infinium i mean just wondering....................==Jim==
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    Jan 2008
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    Re: Infinium VS Sea Hunter Mark II

    John wrote a nice post on this question:,135811.0.html

    Thanks and HH!!!

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    Re: Infinium VS Sea Hunter Mark II

    I never used the Mark II but after reading the reviews and field tests, I am convinced that I made the right decision going with the Infinium.

    Results don't lie. In three hunts last year, I came away with 6 precious metal rings and many other junk rings. It does like iron and I have chased a bobby pin or two around on the bottom. I am going to try a magnet on the leading edge of my scoop this year to hopefully cure some of that chasing of small steel and iron. The iron check works on larger pieces of iron but I didn't find it helpful on the smaller things like bobby pins, hooks, wire and the like. Still I will take the bad with the good when results are what they were.

    The Sea Hunter series from Garrett was the choice of the high profile hunters that were working the Galleons but that was before the Infinium. You also have to remember that they were also wanting to find and dig Iron items so they didn't care if Iron was identified. I believe that they would use the Infinium hands down if they had the choice back then.

    I am convinced that I have the perfect match for beach and water with the Infinium in the water and the Sovereign on the beach.

    Last but not least, I picked up my Infinium last year on EBAY for $725 with extra coils and some other accessories. Total retail price even from the discount places would have been $1500. I sent it to Garrett in October and they updated it to the latest circuitry for 60 bucks and that counted shipping. So for about 800 bucks, (near the cost of a Mark II), I got the Lexus of recreational PI water machines with lots of add ons. I have recently seen others on EBAY with extras go for about that same amount. Just make sure the seller has good feedback for description and reliability.

    Hope this helps a little.


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    Jan 2008
    Garrett Infinium, White's BHID 300, Fisher CZ20, Fisher CZ 6A, Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300, Tesoro Silver Sabre Plus, White's 5900 DI Pro SL, and others!
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    Re: Infinium VS Sea Hunter Mark II

    DaChief ,

    I totally agree with your post!!! I run my Infinium in the water with my VLFs on the wet sand and beach. I also think this is my "perfect" setup as the pulse just runs so nice and DEEP in the water! I find that as you go out past the trash line, there's just not that much junk out there and I want to hear everything really loud and clear! I do use the reverse disc and Iron check and find it does reduce junk digging and helps speed up my detecting when out. I just recently pulled a DEEP (I mean really deep) merc from waist high water and that dime came up with thick black hard mineral deposits on it! This area also has very bad black sand deposits that challenge any VLF machines (I do not believe that any VLF would ever have chirped a song over this target)! If I want to cover alot of ground quickly, I just dig the high-lows for gold. If I really want, will also dig the low-highs using the reverse disc and Iron check to still get silver too.

    Thanks and HH!!!
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