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Thread: I Bow to the DFX God

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    Apr 2006
    25 times
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    Re: I Bow to the DFX God

    I bow to you Prof for these awesome finds...wow!!!
    Are they your first gold coins from detecting?

    What an amazing find, a TH'ers dream come true. CONGRATS!!
    Thanks for sharing buddy!

    "I'm a finder, not a loser!"

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    Aug 2005
    59 times

    Re: I Bow to the DFX God

    Congrats on the sweet finds!

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    Oct 2006
    SW Idaho
    Minelab Explorer SE, Sunray X-1 probe
    10 times

    Re: I Bow to the DFX God

    Koodo's man!

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    Sep 2005
    Cleveland, OH
    35 times

    Re: I Bow to the DFX God

    When I first looked I thought that those looked like some really nice Large Cents. Looked a little closer and said - wow he found two gold coins!!

    Congratulations and thanks for sharing. Now I have to get back to digging tin foil, pull tabs,....

    Minelab Exp II, Whites DFX, Whites Classic III(former Tejon, CoinStrike & Quattro user)

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    Jun 2005
    2 times

    Re: I Bow to the DFX God

    wtg prfessor that sure beats pull tabs that we all dig up

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    Aug 2006
    Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
    duh...duh... DFX
    140 times

    Re: I Bow to the DFX God

    unfreaking believable.

    I think it's finds like this that reinforce my willingness to dig almost any +VDI.

    I have found quite a few gold rings and they ALL rang up funky and I KNOW that many folks would have passed them up thinking "oh well that foil...and other non-desirable detritus"

    Thanks for fueling the fire Prof!!
    "The Beauvians are obviously reptilian"
    Riley Martin

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    Jul 2004
    Shelbyville or any yard where the owner will let me detect!
    ace 250
    185 times
    Metal Detecting
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    Re: I Bow to the DFX God

    just plain awesome....

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    Mar 2007
    central minnesota
    whites dfx
    5 times

    Re: I Bow to the DFX God

    wow can i ask you what program you were using ?
    the big treasure is always just around the corner

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    Apr 2007
    North Carolina
    15 times

    Re: I Bow to the DFX God

    Truely a wonderful find ! I only found an old sardine can yesterday but I'm just a newbie
    That man is a success who has lived well, laughed often and loved much.......   Robert Lewis Stevenson

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    Jan 2007
    California - Solano County
    Minelab Explorer SE, Sunray X-1 Probe
    3 times

    Re: I Bow to the DFX God

    The holy grail.. congrats.... i think im sold on the DFX... and hunting 1870's property.. lol..

    great job!!!

    couple more finds like that could pay for your machine..... atleast justify it to the misses.. lol

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    Dec 2006
    White's XLT/E-Trac
    1 times

    Re: I Bow to the DFX God

    Simply Beautifull!

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    World's Greatest Hobby

    Aug 2006
    Vicksburg MS
    Shadow X5/Fisher 1266/Nautilus DMC-IIB/Tesoro Bandido/NOT ONE SE
    1 times

    Re: I Bow to the DFX God

    I've been hunting for 40 years and never found a gold coin. Congratulations are definitely in order.
    Hill City Rebel

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    Dec 2006
    Eastern North Carolina
    White's DFX
    20 times

    Re: I Bow to the DFX God

    Quote Originally Posted by BioProfessor
    What do I do for an encore. I don't know. Dig 1000 more pop tops and keep going I guess. I know I will probably never find any more gold. Much less 2 at a time and have them in such good shape. What surprises me is that I don't have gold fever. I am just as excited today knowing that most (if not all) the stuff I dig will be crap. I just want to do more. Gold or no gold.

    I would trade my DFX but I am afraid this one has found all the gold it may ever find. You should keep yours if you haven't punched its "Gold Find" ticket. You are due and I am done.

    Thanks again for looking and the kind comments. I was lucky. Your day will come. You just don't know when.

    Never say never. Any one of us could find gold our next time out. I believe MDing is part skill, part luck, and part determination. Research plays an important part, too. For instance, I believe finding an old plantation house site increases the odds of finding gold or silver coins more so than the old sharecropper/tenement house locations that I have been hunting lately. But we never know, and that is what keeps this hobby exciting.


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    Oct 2006
    Wartburg, Tennessee, U.S.A.
    Garrett Ace 250, Tesoro Tiger Shark, Garrett AT Pro
    123 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Honorable Mentions (2)

    Re: I Bow to the DFX God

    Yes I also think that would qualify as good as a treadmill test. You are one really lucky man there. CONGRATS ON THE GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Wolfpack Life Member

    Mar 2005
    Stephens City, Virginia
    Treasure Ace250 Tesoro Cibola
    40 times

    Re: I Bow to the DFX God

    Awesome, I'm speechless.




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