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    Advice on detectors

    Hi Everyone,

    I just finished a few different SCUBA certifications. Now, I am shopping for a metal detector that works underwater. I am looking at these two options:

    Garrett - The Infinium LS
    Garrett - Sea Hunter Mark II

    Does anyone have experience or knowledge of these two machines to determine if they are worth purchasing?


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    You may want to go to Kellyco and look at their water detectors and then compare with other machines. Click on a machine that you are interested in then click on CLICK TO COMPARE THIS METAL DETECTOR. You can select a few other choices then read the features of each machine. How deep are you planning on going? The Sand Shark has a depth of 200'. Good luck and hope this helps.

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    If I were after a dive detector for salt, it would be either a Fisher CZ-21 or Minelab Excalibur without doubt or hesitation. Both are more highly regarded than the Garretts, and are rated deeper than the Tesoro.
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