51% keeper rate
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    Just a lil' bit outta plumb...

    Mar 2006
    The Peach State
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    51% keeper rate

    Hey Y'all...

    I ain't been having much luck here lately, but I had a good 'un yesterday.

    A teller called and told me they had the new Hawaii State quarters in. I don't collect those, but the tellers know I do search coins, hence the call. I asked if they had any halves, she had $70 and another teller had $70.

    I TRIED to talk myself outta driving 30 miles one-way to pick 'em up, but I'd been in the bank about ten days ago and they didn't have any halves at the time. George (the subconscience) kept telling me "GO, GO, GO!!!"

    So I went....

    Fourteen hand rolls, from two tellers, seven each different wrappers.

    So I just had to uncrimp and look the ends in the parking lot. Oh, WOW......

    All seven darker colored rolls had silver showing on BOTH ends..... this is looking good....

    The lighter colored rolls had a few showing... hummmmm.....

    Got back to the house, and did the dirty deed....

    Two hunnert and eighty coins yielded 143 keepers.....

    37 90% and 116 40%.

    I'll take 'em.

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    Oct 2008
    1 times

    Re: 51% keeper rate

    well cap, ya gotta do something to reward that teller! that was a great score!
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    90% Kennedy - 160
    Franklins - 77
    Walkers - 57
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    Seated Liberty - 1
    Quarters - 5
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    Barbers - 1
    Seated Liberty - 1

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    May 2006
    CO, AZ
    dfx, Ryedale!
    233 times

    Re: 51% keeper rate


    that's mor than a year's worth of silver for most of us. All in one day.

    GREAT score! :-) Congrats

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    Jun 2008
    Sausalito Blvd Sausalito CA 94965

    Re: 51% keeper rate

    Excellant, aren't you glad you made the trip?

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    Jul 2006
    Curitiba, Brazil
    7 times

    Re: 51% keeper rate

    Congrats Capt, that is a hell of score of coins ...hopefully they get some more of those rolls in ... kudos Ed
    Is the juice worth the squeeze

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    Jan 2008
    36 times

    Re: 51% keeper rate

    see...you should listen to me more often


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    Feb 2008
    southern NJ/southeast VA
    93 times
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    Re: 51% keeper rate


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    Mar 2008
    Chicago IL
    Minelab_Excal_II Minelab_Explorer_SE_Pro w/ SunRay pinpointer & Garrett_Ace250
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    Re: 51% keeper rate

    Great numbers!!!!
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