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    Jun 2009
    6 times

    my weeks in this hobby are numbered... but 2 dimes 2 half boxes

    i only got one bank left willing to order for free... i have ordered through over 10 locations and all want fees or will not order. i have one bank left but finds are weak. i can order boxes and pay 5 per box but i am only finding 1 silver at best on average these days...

    2 halves
    box 1 - 5x 40%
    box 2 - skunk

    2 dimes, 2 silvers in each box
    1920 merc
    1947 D

    1959, 1964

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    Mar 2012
    4 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    If you want to continue badly enough you will expand your pickup area mileage.

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    Oct 2011
    9 times
    Coin Roll Hunting
    Are there any credit unions within driving distance? My CU is a h*ll of a lot more friendly than some area banks. Do you think it would help to talk with a bank manager about consolidating your accounts at his/her location if they would order coins for you? Is there a business owner you are on good enough terms with to ask about ordering coins for you?

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    May 2009
    42 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Quote Originally Posted by BCD11 View Post
    My CU is a h*ll of a lot more friendly than some area banks.
    thats because all banks care about is the money while credit unions care about the people.

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    Apr 2011
    232 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    start filing some complaints with the OCC or talk to the manager of these branches and tell them that you are going to file OCC complaints. They can't charge you fees that are published in the business account fee schedule for a personal account.

    They are using scare tactics on you, time to turn it around!

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    Feb 2008
    Great Lakes State
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    silver surfing
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    It's quite strange that some areas of the country charge fees for boxes. None of the banks here charge fees to order. What's also odd is that none of my CU's will order coin for me and I have a very large account with them and have been a member at one for over 25 years.



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