anyone CRH with a buddy?
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    Nov 2012
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    anyone CRH with a buddy?

    Sounds kind of odd, since this is a secretive and solitary deal.

    My buddy and I both work a lot of hours and don't have time to drive all over creation searching for halves. We figured we'd pool our resources, and if we can get bags or bricks, we'd split them.

    BEFORE we get into one, we're trying to figure the best way to do it. Should we split the coins up front, and what each finds is theirs to keep, or search the whole together and split the finds? Both sounds fair to me, just curious if anyone has done this before and what the experience has been.

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    Sounds like there is a waterfall up ahead. I think you are asking for trouble by hunting with your buddy. Unless you are both hunting to pay for a trip to Cancun, if you divy up the coins (unsorted) 50/50 and his half has a boatload and yours has a skunk (nada), you will be disappointed. If you split the collective finds, that works best, but what about dumping coins and whatnot? Seems a bit messy. This is the reason why CRHing is usually a one-man operation.

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    Nov 2012
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    Yeah, I get that. I imagine we'll split the finds to keep it comfortable. We could deal with the other hitting paydirt if we did it the other way, but at that point we'd probably split it up.
    We're going to split the cull and deal with it individually. We'll do one this weekend and see how it goes.

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    MCs....Just share stories...not the actual HUNT.

    This is a one man show, and quickly you will realize that dumping is the issue- not acquiring coin.

    May I suggest that if you want to coins with a friend, just show up at eachother's house with all your rolls, and just search the pile, ect. Going from bank to bank with a friend is a waste of time, when both of you could be in sperate parts of the county, getting Customer Rolls, ect.

    And of course, letting eachother look at one another finds is great. But the whole, I take 1, you take 1, seem very sloppy.

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    Apr 2011
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    I have an employee who lives with her sister. Once a week her sister goes to California to buy lottery tix and gets $10 for her. Problem is, she holds on to them. Then my employee never knows if hers is a winner or if it's her sister's ticket that's a winner. If you are CRHing with a partner, you can run into trust issues. You can agree to pool everything, divide up the dumping duties, etc. But, what happens if he is out one day and scores 10 solid rolls of CWR silver and then doesn't tell you about it? Now you are spitting your finds w/him and he's not being honest with you... you could come out worse off than doing your own thing. I guess it all depends on how much you trust the person and whether you want to put them (or yourself) in a position where one of you is tempted to be dishonest and ruin your relationship. Just some food for thought.

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    Jul 2012
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    I worked with a retired Army Col. Pilot CRH'ing and buying investment Silver and Gold Coins. It worked out well being able to put up large cash for discounted buys. That is until his wife convinced my pardner he didn't need me. And, she was right. I had already realized I didn't need him. She done me a favor getting me dumped. We remain best friends and share our PM finds and other such info.

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    Nov 2012
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    Neither of us has ever CRH'ed before. We talked about going in together on a $500 buy to check it out and get us started. It wouldn't be a continual partnership, just something we wanted to do this weekend. And it wouldn't be us going to the bank together.
    I appreciate everyone's insight, truly do. Right now it's a moot point, I can't find anywhere around me with halves. Both the banks I use won't/can't order them, two others I called won't. He's tried 2 others with the same luck.

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    The best way to lose a buddy is to go into business with him and/or loan him money.

    It could be done, but only if both of you are the calm, laid back, pretty much don't give a rip about anything material types, and these type personalities usually don't CRH. Otherwise there will possibly be problems down the road.

    Take this scenario, which is just one out of potentially thousands that could happen. Say you pool your resources and buy a box of halves. That box has 1 lone keeper, but say that keeper is a key date Walker in great condition with a book value of $500 (unlikely, but possible). The easiest solution would be to ebay the thing and split all the proceeds after expenses. But what if one or both of you want to keep the coin? How do you decide which of you get to keep it? If only one of you wants to keep it, how do you determine how much the other should pay? Do you use book value, or the best price anyone around (coin shop, pawn shop, etc) will pay...which will likely be significantly different.

    Friends and money typically do NOT mix well. My advice is to proceed with caution.

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    Friends and family know I roll hunt. No one has any interest in it. No one. Even detecting buddies.
    My roll hunting buddy is my daughter, 8.
    She loves the lincoln cent only, particularly wheats.

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    Nov 2011
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    I did hunt with my wife's brother for a while. I kind of regret it because we made some major hauls together and I had to split the booty. On the other hand we get along and it was fun. I don't think I will do it again though.

    We always hunted together, never apart with shared money.
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